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    Find out more about Client Services here including Channel Management, Reporting, Audits, Mystery Shopper, Training, and Copywriting. Click on the image for more information.

  • A Net Assist team member will visit your property and prepare a detailed profile which includes creating hotel descriptions, room descriptions, area information, etc. This content can then be used on your own website and third party websites.
    Training is available on a selection of booking engines, either on-site, telephone training or at the Net Assist offices, training is customised based on your individual criteria.
    We will provide a detailed call audit from the initial greeting to closing the sale which is customised to your Standards of Procedures and Requirements. Individual audio files are emailed of each call recording.   Mystery shoppers pose as regular customers calling into your hotel and they...
    Net Assist will prepare a comprehensive audit of your hotel’s presence on the hotel’s own website and all third party booking engines. This involves analysing rates, packages, descriptions and images. Recommendations will be made to determine the best ways to improve online sales.
    Net Assist provide monthly IDS Reports which details the revenue generated for each site the hotel is listed on. This report will analyse which sites are performing and those that may need extra attention.
    Net Assist create a suitable rate structure and revenue management plan specific to your property's needs, based on your product, location and competitor analysis.
    A Rate Check Report will show the rate at which the hotel is selling at on randomly selected days - weekend and midweek. This report will determine if rate parity is being adhered to. These reports are available monthly or quarterly.
    Net Assist review and update existing descriptions and images on applicable websites. We then populate this new updated information to each of the third party sites on your behalf. This includes hotel descriptions, room descriptions, hotel and room amenities and images.
    We evaluate your website’s usability and navigation and offer recommendations based on our findings.
    This report will compare the rate the hotel is selling at and the rates of competitor hotels on randomly selected dates - weekend and midweek. These reports are available monthly or quarterly.
    This audit consists of searching the social media sites which feature customer reviews and preparing a report detailing both positive and negative comments and how they can affect your business.
    Here, a list of close outs per booking engine for a twelve month period will be extracted. These reports are available monthly or quarterly.
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