• Our three phase service for new clients

    We offer a three phase service for all our new clients. This is to help us understand where you are and how you compare to others in the industry, where you'd like to go, and how best we can help. Included are the following services.

    Comprehensive Audit - Net Assist, Your Hotel Partner

    1. Comprehensive Audit

    Find your baseline

    We do a comprehensive audit of on-line presence, competitor analysis and rate housekeeping.

    Growth Internet Marketing Plan - Net Assist, Your Hotel Partner

    2. Growth Internet Marketing Plan

    Plan your growth

    We'll put together an Internet Marketing Plan, help you in selecting suitable third party suppliers and handle all of this on your behalf.

    Ongoing Mentoring and Support - Net Assist, Your Hotel Partner

    3. Ongoing Mentoring and Support

    Reporting, Analysis and more

    We also provide a mentoring service which includes reporting and on-going marketing analysis.

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